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Senior Lecturer
B.Sc. (USJP), Ph.D. (University of Moratuwa)

Polymer Science & Technology

Undergraduate Teaching:
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• CHE 474 1.0 Physical Chemistry of Polymers
• PST 207 1.0 Solution Properties and Thermodynemics of Polymers
• PST 213 1.0 Kinetics of Polymerization

Research Interests:
• Synthesis of polymers using renewable raw materials.
• Pyrolysis of biomass for green chemicals
• Mathematical model development for polymer degradation
• Ancient knowledge for sustainable developments.

Selected Publications:
• Mechanical Properties And Kinetics Of Weight Loss Of Polypropylene Waste Plastic Within The Very Low Extent Of Weight Loss Under Iso-Thermal Conditions.International Refereed Journal of Engineering and Science (IRJES),Volume 2, Issue 4(April 2013), PP.11-16.

• Effect of karawila (Momordica charantia) seed oil on synthesizing the alkyd resins based on soya bean (Glycine max) oil, Progress in Organic Coatings (Impact Factor: 2.3). 05/2012; 74(1):228–232. DOI: 10.1016/j.porgcoat.2011.12.013

• Study on Extraction of Chlorophyll from AlternantheraSessilis (Linn.): Operating Conditions and Mass Transfer by: M A M Jinasena, A D U S Amarasinghe, B M W P K Amarasinghe, M A B Prashantha and D M M B Dissanayake, IESL Technical Paper 2013,335

• Study on Pre Processing and Storage Conditions for Extraction of Chlorophyll From Alternantherasessilis (L.) and Kinetics of Degradation of Chlorophyll by: M A M Jinasena, B M W P K Amarasinghe, A D U S Amarasinghe and M A B Prashantha,IESL Technical Paper 2013,342

• Mathematical Model For Predicting Gel Point in the Process of Manufacturing Alkyd Resins.Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 2008, 47 (22), pp 8555–8560


Contact Information

  • Personal Title: Senior Lecturer
  • Telephone number: +94 112 758451
  • E-mail address: mabp426@yahoo.com