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CAMR links with several departments in the Faculty of Applied Sciences promoting collaborative research among academics. The center has established several industrial collaborations to provide solutions with a multidisciplinary approach. A selected list of publications and industry collaborations are highlighted here.

  • Next generation nano-foliar nitrogen fertilizer
  • Using natural available minerals for water treatment
  • Polymeric water purification materials



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  1. Malindu Alwis, Upul Ratnayake, Nilwala Kottegoda, Process of Making Unique Natural –Rubber Montmorillonite Nanocomposite using Charge Inversion Method, LK/P/1/19260, April 2017.
  2. Nilwala Kottegoda, Gayan Priyadarshane, Chanaka Sandaruwan, Damayanthi Dahanayake, Sunanda Genesekara, A J Gehan Amaratunge, Veranja Karunaratne, Composition and Method for Sustained Release of Agricultural Macronutrients, a continuation-in-part of U.S. application Ser. No. 12/794,741 filed June 5, 2010, US 8 696 784 B2, 15th April 2014. (Patent extended to 16 countries)
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  4. Nilwala Kottegoda, Imalka Munaweera, Nadeesh Madusanka, Veranja Karunaratne, Compositions for Sustained Release of Agricultural Macronutrients and Process Thereof, US 8 361 185 B2, 29thJan 2013
  5. Nilwala Kottegoda, Imalka Munaweera, Nadeesh Madusanka, Ajith De Alwis, Sunanda Gunasekara, Veranja Karunaratne, A Cellulose Based Sustained Release Macronutrient Composition for Fertilizer Application, US 8 617 284 B2, 31stDec 2013.
  6. Lilantha Samaranayake, Nilwala Kottegoda, A. R. Kumarasinghe, Sunanda Gunasekara, Ajith De Alwis, Veranja Karunaratne, A Process for Preparation of Carbon Nanotubes from Vein Graphite, US 2011/0262341 A1.
  7. Veranja Karunaratne, Gayan Priyadarshana, Nilwala Kottegoda, Sunanda Gunasekara, Athula Senaratne, Process for Preparation of Nanoparticles from Magnetite Ore, US provisional patent application filing date 2ndJuly, 2010; Application Serial Number: 61/361,092.
  8. Imalka Munaweera, Nilwala Kottegoda, Lakshman Nethsinghe, Sunil Fernando, Elastomeric Polymer/Spinel Nanoparticle Composites to Introduce Special Properties to Dipped Articles, WO/2010/046789 (Sri Lankan patent granted).


Patents 2– 5 have been extended to China, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Canada, ARIPO, European Union, India, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa, Nigeria and USA, Sri Lanka



  • “Slow and Sustained Release Nano-fertilizer, Nagarjuna Fertilizer Ltd., India – Purchase of the patents (2 – 5 above) and the technology transfer for commercialization purposes – March




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