User Charter


The rights and responsibilities of CAMR Users

  • Rights of Users:
    • Be treated with dignity and courtesy.
    • Have details of experimental proposals retained confidential.
    • Have meetings with staff before submission of proposals, during experiment planning and while determining resulting outcomes and in data analysis.
    • Expect facilities to work predictably and efficiently and receive staff assistance throughout the experiments. If the experiment can not be carried out due to the problems with instrument or facility, the experiment will be rescheduled.
    • Receive training on laboratory safety, efficient and conscientious use of equipment and/or computer facilities when needed.
    • Receive fair consumable experimental supplies from CAMR.


  • Responsibilities of Users:
    • Treat the staff with dignity and courtesy.
    • Conduct research activities with highest scientific and professional standards.
    • Reach agreement with staff on extent of collaboration required by users and CAMR staff, including the CAMR acknowledgement in subsequent publications.
    • Maintain and promote a strong culture of safety.
    • Respond in a timely manner to survey requests.
    • Use the resources of CAMR wisely, knowing that both staff and equipment are in high demand.