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1  dinusha Name: Mr. R.M.D.M. Senarathna

M. Phil. Title: Soft Lithography of Natural Superhydrophobic Surfaces with an Investigation of Drop Shape Analysis Techniques

Research Field: Material Sciences, Instrumentation

Supervisors: Dr. (Mrs.) S. Jayawardhana, Dr. W.K.I.L. Wanniarachchi

Project duration: Completed on 2020

2  dinuka Name: Mr. D. R. Ratnasinghe

M. Phil. Title: Modelling of Thin Film Multi-junction Photovoltaic Devices to Improve the Overall Efficiency

Research Field: Photovoltaics, Material Sciences

Supervisor: Dr. (Mrs.) M. L. C. Attygalle

Project duration: 2017 December to 2020 March

3  wijesinghe Name: Mr. H.D.W.M.A.M.Wijesinghe

M. Phil. Title: Fabrication and characterization of cathode materials of Sodium-ion power storing devices made by using phosphates metal composites.

Research Field: Material Sciences, Energy Storage Devices

Supervisor: Mr. C.H. Manathunga

Project duration: 2017 December to 2019 March


4  silva Name: Mr. K.C.C Silva

M. Phil. Title: Determination of Mohorovicic Discontinuity beneath Mannar basin offshore Sri Lanka using Geophysical technique

Research Field: Geophysics

Supervisor: Prof. N.G.S.S Gamage

Project duration: Completed on 2021


5  sewwandi Name: Miss B.V.N.Sewwandi

M. Phil. Title: Controlled growth of size-tunable carbon nanomaterial by Chemical Vapor Deposition for molecular sieving

Research Field: Carbon Nanomaterials

Supervisors: Prof. A. R. Kumarasinghe, Dr. Thushara Subasinghe

Project duration: 2019 January to Present


6  adihetti Name: Mr. N. L. Adihetty

M. Phil. Title: Device Modeling and Analysis of Perovskite-Based Thin-Film Photovoltaics

Research Field: Photovoltaics, Material Sciences

Supervisor: Dr. (Mrs.) M. L. C. Attygalle

Project duration: Completed on 2022



7  sandaru Name: Mr. B.V. Sandaru Suwan

M. Phil. Title:  Iron sphere investigation by using radio signals and construction of an RF power harvesting system

Research Field: Radio Frequency

Supervisors:  Dr. (Mrs.) S. Jayawardhana, Mr. C.H. Manathunga, Dr. W. K. I. L. Wanniarachchi

Project duration: 2019 July to Present


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