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02nd December 2015 (Wednesday)
8.30 a.m. 201/B
Multivariate discrimination of exotic coconut varieties for stem and inflorescence morphology
K N S Perera and S A C N Perera*
8.45 a.m. 202/B
Effect of different fertilizer levels on physical yield parameters of Withnia sominifera L. (Dunal) from three different growth stages
I D N S Fernando*, R M Dharmadasa and D C Abeysinghe
9.00 a.m. 203/B
Evaluation of the trends in rainfall seasonality of Mannar, Sri Lanka (DL3 and DL4)
N.W.B.A.L Udayanga and M.M.M. Najim*
9.15 a.m. 204/B
Identification of potential risk of zinc contamination in tomatoes through fungicide application in Hanguranketha Sri Lanka
K G S Chaminda*, R A D I Dilhani, K P S R Pathirana, R A U J Marapana, J M J K Jayasinghe, S B Nawarathne
9.30 a.m. 205/B
Efficacy of liquid organic fertilizers on growth and yield of Abelmoschus esculentus (Bandakka) and Alternanthera sessilis (Mukunuwenna)
J.M.N.P. Jayasundara*, R.M.C.S. Ratnayake and L.R. Jayasekara
9.45 a.m. 206/B
SSR Marker based genetic relatedness of some finger millet (Eleusine coracana L.) accessions of Sri Lanka
P W Wakista*, P N Dasanayaka, R J Illeperuma, S A C N Perera
10.00 a.m. Tea Break
03rd December 2015 (Thursday)
8.00 a.m. 215/B
Characterization of the floristic structure and composition of an upper montane rain forest, Thotupola kanda
H D R V L Harasgama*, R M C S Ratnayake and A M A S Attanayake
8.15 a.m. 216/B
Construction of a model to predict stem carbon of Eucalyptus grandis Wall ex. Maiden
A M H L Aththanayake, W A R T W Bandara* and W M P S B Wahala
8.30 a.m. 207/B
Pharmacological aspects of seven Ocimum morphotylpes available in Sri Lanka
R K S S Ranchigoda, R M Dharmadasa*, D L C K Fonseka, K. Samarasinghe and A M L Attanayake
8.45 a.m. 208/B
Variation of phytochemicals, antioxidant capacity of different parts of Ocimium nuiflorum L. (Lamiaceae) grown in two agroclimatic regions in Sri Lanka
R M Dharmadasa*, K W Abeywardhana, D C Abeysinghe, A M L Aththanayake
9.00 a.m. 209/B
Influence of Clidemia hirta and Chromolaena odorata leaf extracts on seed germination, seedling growth and growth performance of Raphanus sativus L. (Raddish)
V W Rathnayake* and R M C S Ratnayake
9.15 a.m. 210/B
Constituents of essential oil, antioxidant activity, phenolic and flavonoid contents in different parts of Pogostemon heyneanus Benth. (Lamiaceae)
R M Dharmadasa, D.C Abeysinghe and R.M.D.H. Rathnayake
9.30 a.m. 211/B
Stabilization of rice bran using saturated steam and development of rice bran incorporated cracker
W P D W Thilakarathna*, K V T Gunawardhane and O D A N Perera
9.45 a.m. 212/B
Development of high caloric nutritional porridge formula enriches with vitamin A and iron for the primary school children
I G G Kasunamala*, Jagath Wansapala and H M Theja Herath
10.00 a.m. Tea Break
04th December 2015 (Friday)
8.15 a.m. 213/B
Development of banana fingers coated with leaf gum of true cinnamon (Cinnomomum verum)
V G T Chathurika, S N Weerasuriya and J M J K Jayasinghe
8.30 a.m. 214/B
Development of non-meat vegetable based sausage using locally available raw-materials
Rumesh Liyanage, Indira Wickramasinghe
8.45 a.m. 217/B
Rationality behind the decision making of agricultural land allocation of the farmers in the Northern region of Sri Lanka
L Shanjeevan and K Umashankar
1.15 p.m.

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Forestry for Environmental Sustainability and Profitability: The Sri Lankan Perspective

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