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Senior Lecturer

B.Sc.(USJP, Sri Lanka), Ph.D. (NMT, USA)


B.Sc. University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka, 2005
Ph.D. New Mexcio Institute of Mining and Technology, USA, 2013

Analytical and Environmental Chemistry


Undergraduate Teaching:
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• PST 108 1.0 Statistics for Polymer Science
• PST 314 2.0 Introduction to Wastewater Treatment Process in Polymer Industry

Research interest :

Aquatic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Instrumental Analysis

Selected Publications:

Thathsara SKT, Cooray AT, Ratnaweera DR & Midiyanselage TK. (2019) A novel tri-metal composite incorporated polyacrylamide hybrid material for the removal of arsenate, chromate and fluoride from aqueous media. Journal of Environmental Technology & Innovation. 14 – 100353

Premarathna KSD, Rajapaksha AU, Adassoriya N, Sarkar B, Sirimuthu NMS, Cooray A, Ok YA & Vithanage M. (2019) Clay Biochar composites for sorptive removal of tetracycline antibiotic in aqueous media. Journal of Environmental Management. 238, 315 – 322

Siriwardhana C. Cooray AT, Liyanage S & Koliyabandara PA. (2019) Seasonal and spatial variation of water quality in Padaviya Reservoir, Sri Lanka. Journal of Chemistry. ID 5405016

Thathsara SKT, Cooray PLAT, Midiyanselage TK, Kottegoda N & Ratnaweera DR. (2017) A novel Fe-La-Ce trimetallic composite for the removal of fluoride ions from aqueous media. Journal of Environmental Management. 207, 387-395


  • American Chemical Society
  • Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon
  • Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science

Contact information

Telephone number: 077-7465392

Web : https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=p1lj1DoAAAAJ&hl=en
Email : atcooray@sjp.ac.lk


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