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B.Sc. (General) Degree Program with Electronics & Embedded Systems as a Subject
Course Code: EES
Duration: 3 years
Subject Combinations:

Combination No. Combinations available for Physical Science students
P09 Physics, Mathematics, Electronics & Embedded Systems

Career opportunities

The majority of students who are completing the B.Sc. General degree tend to seek job opportunities in academia as well as in industry. Therefore, a general degree program which is focused on producing graduates with more practical knowledge will certainly be of high demand. Also, with the rapid development of technology, automation, internet of things, and robotics applications are integrated in to our lives as in telecommunication, health systems, entertainment, security, etc. Therefore, the emerging employment trends seek for graduates with knowledge in Electronics & Embedded Systems to develop automation, robotics and internet of things projects. The proposed Electronics & Embedded Systems course will be structured in a way that the students will gain knowledge in demanding fields thus opening new avenues of employment for science graduates.

Course overview

The developed curriculum of the Electronics & Embedded Systems program is structured to provide the prospective students a solid foundation of theory and practical in Physics, Electronics, Programming and Mathematics during their first two academic years. Therefore, the students to follow this undergraduate subject should select the combination containing Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics & Embedded Systems. The third year of study is emphasized more on application oriented courses thus included course units in embedded electronics, internet-of-things (IoT), robotics, instrumentation, and automation.

Course structure

The Electronics & Embedded Systems Course is designed as a three years degree course which will focus on laboratory practical sessions while covering undergraduate level Physics and Mathematics. The students are required to take course units in Electronics & Embedded Systems with a minimum cumulative credit value of 27.0 during the three years. The course units comprise of ‘compulsory’, ‘core’, non-core’, ‘optional’ subjects so that the students are provided with the Electronics & Embedded Systems stream while allowing some level of flexibility to pursue optional interest.

Course Type -a-  compulsory -c-    core -n-    optional for those not doing Electronics & Embedded Systems
-o-  optional for those doing Electronics & Embedded Systems -s-  optional for all students in the faculty

B.Sc. (General) Degree Course Units-Electronics & Embedded Systems

Semester I
EES 101 2.0 Micro-Electronics and Devices c
EES 102 2.0 Fundamental C programming Techniques c
EES 103 1.0 Probability and Statistics c
Semester II
EES 104 2.0 Python Programming for Embedded Systems c
EES 105 1.0 Device Fabrication Technology c
EES 106 1.0 Electrical Machines c
EES 107 1.0 Communication Skills and Report Writing c
Semester I
 EES 201 1.0 Sensors and Actuators c
 EES 202 1.0 Data Communication Techniques c
 EES 203 1.0 Electrical Power Systems c
 EES 204 1.0 Data Analysis and Modeling c
 EES 205 1.0 Object Oriented Programming for Embedded Systems c
Semester II
EES 206 2.0 Advanced Analog and Digital Electronics c
EES 207 2.0 Data Acquisition and Signal Processing c
EES 208 1.0 Data Acquisition and Signal Processing Lab a
Semester I
EES 301 2.0 Microprocessors and Computer Interfacing c
EES 302 1.0 Circuit Fault Diagnostics c
EES 303 1.0 Embedded Systems Development Lab a
Semester II
 EES 304 2.0  Introduction to Internet of Things and Robotics c
 EES 305 1.0  Internet of Things and Robotics Lab a
 Optional Courses
 EES 306 1.0  Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements
 EES 307 1.0  Embedded Systems Group Project
 EES 308 1.0  Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
 EES 309 1.0  Wireless Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks
 EES 310 1.0  Introduction to Digital image processing
 EES 311 1.0  Mobile Application Development
 EES 312 1.0  Google Applications

Note: Those who are doing Electronics and Embedded Systems as a subject must take PHY 311 1.0 Introduction to Computer Hardware course instead of PHY 309 1.0 Introduction to Microprocessors.

For further information please contact Dr. W. K. I. L. Wanniarachchi, Course Coordinator, Department of Physics.