B.Sc. (Honours) Degree in Applied Sciences


About B.Sc.(Honours) Degree in Applied Sciences

B.Sc.(Honours) Degree in Applied Sciences
(Four-year Extended Degree Programme)
Optional Course Units Offered from the Department of Physics

Under Physics

ASP 441 2.0 Physics of Ceramic and Glass o
ASP 442 2.0 Applied Geophysics o
ASP 443 1.0 Computational Physics in Advanced Programming o
ASP 444 1.0 Physics of Agricultural Materials n
ASP 445 1.0 Philosophy of Science o
ASP 446 1.0 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing o
ASP 447 1.0 Advanced Nanophysics (based on PHY 463 1.0 Nanophysics II) o
ASP 448 2.0 Nuclear Physics (based on PHY 358 2.0 Nuclear Physics II) o
ASP 449 1.0 Digital Image Processing o
ASP 486 1.0 Reflection Seismology o
ASP 487 2.0 Telecommunication (based on PHY 359 2.0 Telecommunication) o
ASP 488 1.0 Device Physics o

Under EES

(EES – extended at the 4th Year)

ASP 481 2.0 System on Chip

ASP 482 2.0 Embedded Machine Learning

ASP 483 2.0 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers

ASP 484 2.0 Image Processing and Embedded Computer Vision

General Courses

Semester l

ASC 401 2.0 Quality Assurance and Standards

ASC 402 2.0 Waste Management and Cleaner Production

ASC 403 2.0 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management

ASC 404 1.0 Industrial Law and Intellectual Property

ASC 407 2.0 Scientific Education and Teaching Methodology

Semester l l

ASC 406 1.0 Seminar/Workshop

ASC 405 2.0 Research Methodology, Scientific Writing and Business English

ASC 408 10.0 Industrial based Project

Selection criteria

At the end of the third year, students who are interested in the degree program are required to state their preferences with respect to the field of study in the application form. Additionally, applicants should have passed the compulsory English course unit examinations conducted by the Faculty during the first three semesters are earned passing at for compulsory English. The students will be selected for the relevant fields solely by their GPA calculated with course units offered in five semesters of the general degree (until third year first semester) and the availability of resources in the respective field as decided by the PMC Students who wish to be selected for the programme are required to maintain satisfactory attendance for Courses officered by certain Departments

For further information of physics please contact Dr. (Mrs.) S. Kandeepan, Coordinator/Physics, Department of Physics.

For further information of EES please contact Dr. W. K. I. L. Wanniarachchi, Coordinator/EES, Department of Physics.