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About B.Sc.(Honours) Degree in Applied Sciences

B.Sc.(Honours) Degree in Applied Sciences
(Four-year Extended Degree Programme)
Optional Course Units Offered from the Department of Physics

ASP 441 2.0 Physics of Ceramic and Glass o
ASP 442 2.0 Applied Geophysics o
ASP 443 1.0 Computational Physics in Advanced Programming o
ASP 444 1.0 Physics of Agricultural Materials n
ASP 445 1.0 Philosophy of Science o
ASP 446 1.0 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing o
ASP 447 1.0 Advanced Nanophysics o
ASP 448 1.0 Nuclear Physics II o
ASP 449 1.0 Digital Image Processing o

For further information please contact Dr. N. G. S. Shantha, Coordinator, Department of Physics.