Past Academic Staff

Past academic staff members who served the department and retired


Emeritus Professor P. C. B Fernando

Emeritus Professor Dhammika Tantrigoda

Mr. Chiththrananda Malwatta Peiris

prof-pcb-fernando prof-dammika-tantrigoda mr-chithrananda-malwatta
Served from 1966 to 1995

(The founder professor of the Department of Physics)

Online edition of Daily News – Features

Served from 1974 to 2015



Served from 1973 to 2016

Chitrananda Peiris: Extraordinarily talented lecturer who didn’t work to earn a professorship – The Island

Dr.C.L.Ranatunga Dr. W. D. A. T. Wijeratne Prof. (Mrs.) C. P. Abayaratne
 dl-cl-ranatunga  dr-wdat-wijeratne  prof-cp-abayaratne
Served from 1991 to 2021 Served from 1990 to 2021 Served from 1980 to 2022