MSc in Applied Statistics

Statistical thinking and methods are becoming more and more prevalent in an exceptionally wide range of areas. With this postgraduate qualification in Applied Statistics, students can advance their career in almost any field, including education, science, technology, health care, government, or business. In Sri Lanka, qualified statisticians are well received by various institutions such as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Department of Census and Statistics and Coconut/Tea/Rubber research institutes to name but a few. The demand for trained statisticians continues to increase in the industry as well as it is becoming more dependent on predictive data and numerical reasoning.

There is a high demand for professionals with postgraduate qualifications in Applied Statistics in the country. Professionals from various backgrounds are also keen in obtaining basic statistical knowledge in order to advance in their careers. This postgraduate program includes two exit points in order to cater for a broader range of candidates seeking various levels of postgraduate qualifications in applied statistics. The MSc in Applied Statistics program is specially designed for candidates who are from Mathematics/Statistics background.

Master of Science in Applied Statistics program is a University Grants Commission (UGC) approved program that has been designed to meet Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework (SLQF 10) guidelines. It also consists of two exit points at Postgraduate Diploma level (SLQF 8) and Master of Applied Statistics level (SLQF 9) for those who wish to exit the program without completing the second year.

Objectives of the Degree Program

This program has been designed for graduates with a basic knowledge in Statistics to provide them an opportunity to further develop their knowledge in Applied Statistics. Those who complete the program successfully will gain knowledge in advanced statistical theory, as well as will receive an extensive training in statistical data analysis and statistical computing.

The MSc in Applied Statistics program provides

  • Advanced theoretical knowledge in Statistics,
  • An opportunity to do research,
  • An opportunity for graduate employees to gain higher education qualifications required for their promotions and career development.

Graduate Profile

  • The postgraduate student who successfully completes the degree is expected to demonstrate;
  • An understanding of advanced theoretical knowledge in statistics,
  • An ability to apply the gained advanced knowledge in statistics and training in advanced data analysis to solve real-life problems
  • An ability to conduct independent research and write up the work.






Dr. Chathuri Jayasinghe



Dr. Neluka Devpura



Dr. Neluka Devpura



Dr. Neluka Devpura


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