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“Data is the sword of the 21st century, those who wield it well, the Samurai”
Statistics Society of university of Sri Jayewardenepura, which was established  under the guidance of the lecturers of Statistics Department of the University, is a society that thinks big and does bigger and better. It is the place where undergraduates studying Statistics join together and come up with mind-blowing, unique and superb ideas to improve students’ knowledge, to create opportunities and to give challenging experiences for young statisticians. Statistics Society is registered under National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka.  (Reg. No: NSF/USS/012/SJP/01/2013)

Each year, the Statistics Society publishes a magazine, STAT Plot. This is the place where undergraduates speak their mind about Statistics. This is the place where their creativity and divergent thinking take to the pinnacle. This is where their knowledge about Statistics is heard loud and clear.

The Annual STAT Quiz is a synonym for the Clash of Stat Geniuses! It is the perfect arena to show off knowledge and talent; an excellent way to display individuality; a splendid opportunity to work as a team.

Other projects
What use of your knowledge if you don’t know how to give value for it?
Knowing how and where your skills and knowledge can be best utilized would certainly be beneficial in the long run.
The Statistics Society introduces career opportunities for undergraduates. They are given the opportunity to be exposed to their desired career paths at an early stage.
And the plus point? You get to be hired by most prestigious companies in Sri Lanka!