User’s Guide

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  1. Every student must submit a duly completed “Request Form” for the relevant analysis in advance. User can submit it online without supervisor’s approval. However, the form with supervisor’s signature and relevant Lecturer In-Charge’s (LIC) signature must be provided prior to carry out the experiment.
  2. Samples without supervisor’s approval will not be analyzed.
  3. Once the “Request Form” is submitted, a time slot must be reserved by logging to the online reservation system.
  4. Only the number of analysis approved in the “Request Form” will be considered.
  5. It is important to emphasize that the sample analysis will not be performed in the absence of the student.
  6. In some special cases, such as poor quality of data or absence of expecting results, LIC or the director will request special approval from the research supervisor to further continue the analysis.
  7. Director of the IC-FAS has right to change and reschedule the reserved-time due to unavoidable circumstances such as instrument maintenance and repairs.
  8. If you are not familiar with sample preparation methods, please contact either LICs or the coordinator before sample preparation for analysis.
  9. Lab facilities or chemicals (except calibration standards for AAS) will not be provided.
  1. If the number of analysis is significantly higher, the director will discuss with the research supervisor to maximize the fair user policy. The average time taken for a sample analysis is shown below for your reference.
Instrument Instrument warm-up time Time taken for an analysis Number of analysis per request
GC-MS 45 minutes 15 to 60 minutes 2 hrs or maximum of 05 analysis
AAS flame 30 minutes <5 minutes 1 hr or maximum of 50 analysis
AAS furnace 30 minutes 5 to 10 minutes 1 hr or maximum of 25 analysis
FT-IR 15 minutes <5 minutes 30 min or maximum of 05 analysis
Fluorescence 30 minutes <5 minutes 20 min or maximum of 10 analysis
XRD 30 minutes 15 to 60 minutes 2 hrs or maximum of 5 analysis
UV-VIS 10 minutes <5 minutes 30 min  or maximum of 10 analysis
IC 45 minutes 20 to 40 minutes 2 hrs or maximum of 05 analysis

11.Students are not allowed to handle any instrument without permission.

12.If the analyzed samples are not collected they will be discarded after 48 hours.

13.Instrumentation Facility does not take responsibility on the precision and accuracy of the data.

14.It is recommend all our users to acknowledge the IC-FAS for the work done in whole, or in part, at Instrument Center of Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of Sri Jayewardenepura with the following statement:

“This research [or, A portion of this research] used resources at Instrument Center operated by Faculty of Applied Sciences of University of Sri Jayewardenepura.”

If you acknowledge us please do not forget to email us a copy of your publication for our records.

15.If a staff member of the IC-FAS is profoundly involved in a research project, you are highly advised to add that person as a co-author in scientific publications.