Erasmus+ DS&AI project was started in 2018 for the main purpose of introducing a novel Master’s degree program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Asia with the mission of bringing European-standard advanced education to Asia. Nine Asian universities, three European universities and four European companies are involved in the above project.

As a part of the project, a team of four academics (Mr. DDA Gamini, Dr. TGI FernandoDr. Chitraka Wickramarachchi & Dr. RM Silva) from the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Statistics participated in a study visit to Greece and the Netherlands with primary objective of designing curriculum, together with other partner universities, for the Master’s degree program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

In parallel to the Masters degree program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, professional training courses are going to be offered by each partner university targeting the people from the industry. In order to design and offer these professional courses at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, we will be organizing an awareness program called “Info Days” inviting the prospective candidates from the industry.  

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