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food-Dr. R. A. U. J. Marapana

B.Sc. (Agri. Hons )(Pera.), M.Sc. (Fd. Sc. & Tech. USJP), Ph.D. (Southern Yangtze, P.R. China)

Research interests: Dairy Technology. Food Processing & Preservation, Feed Technology.

Research publications :

1. Hirimuthugoda, N. Y., Gamage, C. S., Marapana, R. A. U. J. and Gunarathna, S. (2014) Meat and nutritional quality analysis of clam (Geloina vaxana) Oysters (Crassostrea madrasensis) in Sri Lankan lagoons. Indian Journal of Geo-Marine Sciences – Accepted for Publication

2. Thakshala Seresinhe, R.A.U. J. Marapana and L. Kumanayaka (2012) Role of feed resources on the productivity and financial viability of a cattle integrated in the southern Sri Lanka. Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology, 12:455-465

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Email Address : umarapana(at)sci.sjp.ac.lk