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About Department of Food Science and Technology

Department of Food Science and Technology

Strategic intent of the department

To become a centre of excellence in higher learning in Food Science and Technology and Nutrition which disseminates knowledge in keeping with the development needs of the country and requirement of the region for related professionals.

Our goals and objectives

  • To impart knowledge and develop skills of students on the fundamentals of science and its applications
  • To uplift the quality of graduates
  • To uplift the quality of teaching and research in the department Staff
  • To enhance the services offered to the industry and general community

Why is the Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Food Science and Technology Important?

Food Technology utilizes the principles of Food Science to transform food materials into products that meet consumer expectations for quality, safety, and appeal, while ensuring they are packaged and distributed as safe, nutritious, and attractive foods.

The Food Science and Technology degree equips students with a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of food industry. It seamlessly combines teaching and research to foster a wide array of interdisciplinary interests and skills.

  • Food Biology related subjects
  • Food Chemistry related subjects
  • Food Physics related subjects
  • Food preservation and post-harvest sciences
  • Food/Crop technologies
  • Food/ Animal technologies
  • Food/Dairy Technology
  • Nutrition, Dietetics, Food choices
  • Food quality and Food Safety
  • Food Business Management and Marketing
  • Food Packaging
  • Maths/Computer applications and statistics

What do we look forward to achieve?

We, the department of Food Sciences and Technology, aim to provide a programme of education, which can enable its graduates to enter a career in the local and international food industry as scientists and/or technologists capable of ensuring the production and marketing of safe and quality foods. With the knowledge and skills that students gain, they also can enter into employment in other sectors of the food chain or related scientific sectors where they can apply their scientific skills.

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