Surmount 2023 – Choosing the Best Career Pathway for your Future, an illuminating initiative by the Association of Food Science and Technology was designed to alleviate the ambiguity surrounding career choices for Food Science and Technology undergraduates. This project was unfolded in two enlightening phases.

Phase one covered the topic of entrepreneurship in a lively three-hour conversation that took place on February 24, 2023. Undergraduates studying Food Science and Technology were captivated by three eminent resource persons who shared profound knowledge on “How to make your way into the world of business as an entrepreneur.”

Then, on January 27, 2024, Surmount 2023’s second phase—which focused on the fascinating subject of “Acquiring the Aspects in the Field of Food and Beverage Sector”—was successfully completed on a virtual platform. This stage has been a crucial investigation of the several career options available in the exciting field of food and beverage. The session was graced by industrial experts and the undergraduates were able to get a thorough insight of the industry expectations.