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MSc in Polymer Science and Technology

The Masters Degree Program in Polymer Science and Technology offers an innovative and comprehensive curriculum aimed at producing highly knowledgeable, skilled, and productive professionals in the field of polymer science and technology. Graduates of this program are equipped to assume key roles in industries involved in the production of plastic and rubber products, including quality control officers, production executives, and factory managers.

The program covers a wide range of theoretical and practical aspects of polymer science and technology, providing students with a well-rounded education. Through acquiring a strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, students are well-prepared to make a successful transition into the local polymer-based industries and academic institutions.

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About Department of Polymer Science

Department of Polymer Science

The Department of Polymer Science (DPS), which was a part of the Department of Chemistry, was established as a new department in late 2018 as a result of extensive demand from various local sectors. At present the department is at the forefront by understanding the existing and potential demand in the academia as well as various local sectors such as plastic and rubber industries.

At present the DPS is conducting Polymer Science and Technology (PST) undergraduate courses under three categories: BSc (Honors) in Polymer Chemistry (PCH), BSc (Honors) in Applied Sciences (Polymer Stream) and BSc General degree. PST contains Chemistry, Physics, and Polymer Science and Technology as subjects. Students from physical and biological science streams who have an interest in the field of polymer science can admit to the program. The current intake is limited to maximum of 65 students per academic year. After completion of first two years based on their performance (GPA), the students can be selected to study PCH program or BSc (honors) in chemistry or Physics. Those who selected for PCH degree programs have to exclusively take PST related courses offered by the department for another two years. The rest of the students have opportunity to study another year and complete a BSc general degree. BSc general degree students have an opportunity to further study an extended year to obtain a BSc (honors) degree in Applied Sciences.

In addition to the undergraduate courses, the department offers an MSc program in Polymer Science and Technology. The program encompasses a broad spectrum of both theoretical and practical aspects in PST. By gaining sound theoretical and practical insight students find it easy to establish them in the polymer based local industries and academia. Moreover, the department facilitates to carryout MPhil and PhD projects.

Department of Polymer Science

Pioneering Undergraduate Degree in Polymer Science & Technology

The University of Sri Jayewardenepura is the first university to offer polymer undergraduate degree programmes in Sri Lanka. Department of Polymer Science of Faculty of Applied Sciences offers several undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in the field of Polymer Science and Technology.