GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratory

Software Packages

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Science is at the forefront of academic excellence, ensuring that its students have access to cutting-edge resources for a comprehensive learning experience. One such asset is the dedicated computer laboratory equipped with twenty high-performance computers and a suite of professional software packages. A standout feature of the computer laboratory is the inclusion of ESRI Arc GIS Pro software, a powerful and widely used geographic information system (GIS) software. This software is crucial for spatial analysis, mapping, and environmental modeling. What sets the laboratory apart is the availability of all extensions, providing students with a comprehensive toolset to explore and analyze geospatial data.

Drone Technology

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Science has embraced technological advancements to enhance its research, monitoring, and analysis capabilities. Among the innovative tools deployed is the use of drone technology, providing students with a unique and powerful perspective in studying and managing forests, ecosystems, and environmental phenomena.

GIS Data Base

The Department of Forestry and Environmental Science is maintaining its own GIS data base for the students for their practical.

Workshops and Short Courses

The department is hosting workshops, short courses, and certificate programs open to external participants. Nevertheless, eager students have a unique opportunity to attend these sessions without incurring any charges. The department is having comprehensive support form privet sector organization for those courses.


Prof. Daham Jayawardana (Head and Subject specialist)
Department of Forestry and Environmental Science

Prof. Upul Subasinghe (Subject specialist)
Prof. Priyan Perera (Drone mapping)

Mr. Ashoka Nishantha
Lab Attendant, Department of Forestry and Environmental Science