Symposium 2016

Uni – In Alliance – 2016

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Message from the Dean


I am pleased to provide a message to “UNI-IN Alliance 2016” the second symposium organized by the fourth year undergraduates of B.Sc. (Honors) degree in Applied Sciences (APS) under the theme of “Amalgamating Science and Sri Lankan Industries”.
The main objective of the symposium is to provide a platform to present their industrial research finding. This degree program was created to bridge the gap between industry and university by providing our undergraduates internships and research thereby making our undergraduates ready for industry. Our effort is all about creating big thinkers, and leaders of tomorrow to the nation with soft skills who can explore the world with new knowledge and creativity. These undergraduates are the ones that will be tackling the world’s great challenges.
I’m delightful that the second batch of the B.Sc (Honors) Degree of Applied Sciences students is organizing a symposium to publish their findings at the industry taking forward the culture created by the first batch last year. I hope that this will attract many general degree students to spend an additional year at both university and industry. This six month implant training at the industry allows students a better professional degree with 120 credits, which will leads them to much better career opportunities. The degree of this nature will support the university to prosper lives by combining the academic excellence with practical experience. I’m proud to say that Faculty of Applied Sciences is the largest faculty of science in Sri Lanka and also one of the oldest among the Faculties of Science in Sri Lanka which has grown much in intellectual capacity, teaching and research facilities, span of curricula and student numbers.
I am happy to inspire you all in such an important event at University of Sri Jayewardenepura and quite confident that “Uni-In Alliance 2016” will provide better platform to smooth interactions between university and industry. I believe that our collective endeavors will achieved its success and certainly hope that the students’ symposium will be a success.
I wish Uni-In Alliance 2016 all the success!

Prof. Sudantha Liyanage
Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Message from the Coordinator


It is with great pride and pleasure I write this message to the second undergraduate symposium “Uni-In Alliance 2016” in B.Sc. (honors) Degree in Applied Sciences (APS) program of University of Sri Jayewardenepura, under the theme of “Amalgamating Science and Sri Lankan Industries”. The symposium is steered with the objective of enabling our students to develop their soft skills such as teamwork, leadership, event organizing, report writing, presentation, and public speaking. This symposium will merge academia with industry by exchanging novel ideas, while providing innovative solutions to their current problems. These interactions will enhance research and development in the area of Applied Sciences, and thereby increasing the employability of our young graduates.
B.Sc. (Honors) Degree in Applied Sciences is recognized as a professional degree program, which is multidisciplinary in nature and is mainly catering the needs of the industrial sector in Sri Lanka. Establishing this degree as a four year program not only uncovered vast amounts of job opportunities available, but also allowed our students to pursue higher studies in international universities by fulfilling the requirements of a four year degree. Due to the high demand from both the industry and students, we doubled the number of students this year. The 94 students in this second batch have successfully been engaged in the industrial based research for the past six months, whereas today we are going to witness the fruitful outcome of their hard-work.
Organizing a symposium at this nature will provide a platform for our students to discuss their experiences and knowledge gathered doing their research internship at the industry. It was evident from the experiences shared among colleagues that the students made every effort to be successful while gaining positive feedback on their performance at the industry. I sincerely hope our graduates will develop the lifelong learning process and the art of leadership by “Learning by doing and improving through practice and criticism”. Furthermore, I hope that this degree program will be a great opportunity for new graduates, future graduates to learn industrial requirements and future demands while facilitating industries to recruit young professionals to their respective organizational need.
I wish the symposium “Uni-In Alliance 2016” every success!

Dr. Pahan Godakumbura,
Coordinator, B. Sc. (Honors) Degree in Applied Sciences