Department of Zoology


When teaching of science at Vidyodaya was initiated in 1962, teaching Zoology as a subject too was commenced. Although Botany and Zoology Departments were merged as the Department of Biology in 1966, it was again separated as Zoology and Botany in 1982. They continue as separate departments under the Faculty of Applied Science up to date.

Present status

At present Zoology as a subject is offered blending its applications focusing more towards the skills development of the students to suite the country's present day needs. As a result, study components stemmed from the Department are Fisheries and Aquaculture., Limnology Molecular Biology, Wild life, Microbial Ecology, Insect Pest Management and Environmental Physiology etc.

Apart from that as a combination of marine and freshwater study components Aquatic Science has been introduced as a new subject providing more opportunities for the students to learn specialized areas with a multidisciplinary approach.
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