About Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology

The home for basic and applied research and education in Zoology at SJP

Our mission is to promote and excel in teaching, learning, research and applications in the field of Zoology. We aim to provide a holistic learning environment in contemporary zoology as a blend of specialist knowledge and applied laboratory and field studies, to ensure the all-round development of a student to suit the 21st Century aspirations of our island nation.

At present Zoology as a subject is offered blending its applications focusing more towards the skills development of the students to suite the country’s present day needs. As a result, study components stemmed from the Department are Fisheries and Aquaculture, Limnology Molecular Biology, Wild life, Microbial Ecology, Insect Pest Management and Environmental Physiology.

Students enrolled in Zoology, Aquatic Resource Management and Biology will be taught by academic staff with good track records. The medium of instructions is English. The course units include; lectures, assignments, individual and group projects, laboratory practical and field visits. They are assessed through continuous assessments, end of semester written exams, practical examinations, presentations and reports.

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