The Monster In Deep Dark Ocean

Article by- Achinthya Herath


The Monster In Deep Dark Ocean
Do you remember a crazy fish with big teeth and the light on its head in “Finding Nemo” movie? Here is some interesting information about that fish who is known as “Anglerfish”. The anglerfish live in murky depths of the Atlantic and Antarctic oceans. Its scientific name is Melanocetus johnsonii .
Kingdom – Animalia,
Phylum – Chordata,
Class – Actinopterygii,
Order – Lophiiformes,
Genus – Melanocetus
Species – M. johnsonii

Living in the deep ocean is difficult, so anglerfish are specially adapted to find food and mates. Anglerfish have black or brown colour body and they have a very large mouth, stomach, long pointed teeth, and a light on the head called lure. The lure is filled with bacteria that spread a blue light. It is used to attract prey and mate. They are carnivorous and feed on small squids and turtles. Their sexes are separated. Females are larger than males. In reproduction, the male becomes parasitic and never gets released from his mate again. Male feeds from female’s blood. But reproduction occurs by external fertilization. The female releases eggs into the deep water and the male immediately releases his sperm, they fuse together and get fertilized. The lifespan of female anglerfish is about 25 years. But male anglerfish live for around 21 years.

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Article by- Achinthya Herath
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