Mathematics Society

Necessity of a Mathematics society has arisen long ago to enhance the mathematics knowledge of the students through different activities and to inspire students in research and experiment. The dream became reality on 31st of March in 2011 with the initiation of the mathematics society in Faculty of Applied science with the guidance and blessings of the Mrs. Tamara De Silva, the former head of the department of mathematics and all the lecturers.

Mathematics society was successful over the last few years. It has become a good opportunity for students to meet the lecturers and seniors to share their experiences in research and leadership qualities. 2013 was a milestone year for the mathematics society. A full day seminar for the school children in Kaluaggala area was organized with the participation of the members of the mathematics society. It was the first effort which expanded the scope of the mathematics society to outside the university.

Inspired by the first successful seminar, another combined mathematics seminar was organized with the participation of 300 Advanced Level students. It was conducted by the senior lectures in the department of mathematics, at the university premises and was a huge success.

Mathematics society has now evolved into a strong position which extends the mathematics knowledge of the university students as well as the outsiders. It’s target is to organize more effective programmes and activities which will be helpful in undergraduates’ careers lives.