Undergraduate Degree Programs

General Degree

Mathematics is offered as one of the three subjects for the general degree. The department also offers basic mathematics courses for the biological students.

Special Degree

Promising students are selected at the end of the second year, based on their performance in Mathematics courses during the first 2 years. Special degree students are required to undergo industrial training for a fixed duration, which will open them an exposure to the world of Mathematics outside the academia.

Further to this Special Degree students can choose their final year projects from the areas such as Algebra, Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Computer Applications, Mathematical Modeling and Statistics. They can even choose to solve an existing problem of national importance.

Career Opportunities

What can you do with a degree in Mathematics? Almost anything! As our world and economy become more and more science and technology-oriented, there is an increasing demand for people with sharp critical thinking skills in Mathematics. The Mathematics Department offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the master degree level that prepare students for a wide range of careers, including employment in government and private sector, banks, industry, teaching careers and preparation for postgraduate studies.