Mathematics is offered as one of the three subjects for the general degree.

Available combinations:

  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Statistics
  • Mathematics, Physics, Statistics
  • Mathematics, Chemistry, Management Science
  • Mathematics, Physics, Management Science
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics
  • Mathematics, Statistics, Economics
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Mathematics, Physics, Electronic and Embedded Systems
  • Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Management Science
  • Mathematics, Physics, ICT

Mathematical Course Units…

Service Courses
Among the many courses that we offer, there are service courses which help the students to get familiar with Mathematical concepts since Mathematics is used in almost in every subject area.

  • Pre Calculus
  • Basic Mathematics

Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is offered as one of the three subjects for the general degree.

Available Combinations:

  • Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Physics
  • Applied Mathematics, Chemistry, Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics, Management Science, Mathematics

Applied Mathematics course units…

Management Science
The Department of Mathematics coordinates the subject of Management Science, which is offered to a limited number of students in the faculty of Applied Sciences.

Available Combinations:

  • Chemistry, Management Science, Mathematics
  • Management Science, Mathematics, Physics
  • Chemistry, Management Science, Plant Biology
  • Chemistry, Management Science, Zoology
  • Chemistry, Aquatic Resources Management, Management Science
  • Zoology, Aquatic Resources Management, Management Science
  • Applied Mathematics, Mathematics, Management Science
  • Chemistry, Environmental Management and Forestry, Management Science

Management Science course units…