Mathematics (MAT) Special Degree


The special degree offers students a great opportunity to assess the concepts of mathematics. The department has also introduced a practical component to most of the Mathematics course units with the students having access to a well-equipped computer laboratory. The special degree students are required to undergo industrial training for a fixed duration, which will open them an exposure to the world of Mathematics outside the academia. Further, the special degree students can choose their final year projects from the areas such as Algebra, Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Discrete Mathematics, Computer Applications, Mathematical Modeling and Statistics. They can even choose to solve an existing problem of national importance. Improvement of presentation skill of students is targeted through some of the courses. 

For whom

This degree is aimed at students who wish to grasp the key aspects of mathematics and who wish the key aspects of mathematics and who wish to study Mathematics in depth. 


Promising students are selected at the end of the second year, based on their performance in Mathematics courses during the first 2 years.

Career opportunities 

A special degree in Mathematics enables graduates to find employment as professionals in academic institutes, research personnel, experts in engineering and technical sector, actuarial scientists and statisticians. 

Course Unit Contents…