Special Degree Projects  

2017- Mathematics (Special) degree projects

Title Name Supervisor
A Survey on Hamiltonicity in Cayley Graphs and Digraphs on Different Groups S. Thevasha Dr. G.H.J. Lanel
Study of Students’ Performance at Engineering and Physical Science Undergraduate Degree Programs L.M.A. Madhuwanthi Prof. S. Weerakoon
Explicit Formulas for the Exponentials of Some Special Matrices W.L.C. Piyasundara Mr. K.K.W.A.S. Kumara
Exploring the Possibility of Detecting Tsunami Waves using Partial Data I.E.M. Gunawardhana Mrs. D.S. Rodrigo
A Study on Optimal Harvesting Model under Stabilized Eco System P.M.P.P. Pussalamankada Prof. R.P.K.C.M. Ranasinghe
A Study on Linear Algebra and Music G.D.D.P. Jayaweera Dr. M. Liyanage
Search for an Efficient Algorithm without the Derivatives to Numerically Solve Non-Linear Equations S.L. Heenatigala Prof. S. Weerakoon
A Model to Prevent Traffic Congestion in Selected Junctions in Colombo Using Graph Theory B.M.Y.U.A. Batugedara Dr. G.H.J. Lanel
Application of Symmetric Group with Rubik’s Cube and Solving MATLAB P.D.R.S. de Almeida Mr. G.J.K. Silva
A Study on Integral Equations with its Applications T.G.D. Madhushani Dr. N.C. Ganegoda
A Study on Vehicle Movements through Differential Equations and a Case Study on Investigating Dynamics of Motor K.M.G.D. Kulatunga Dr. N.C. Ganegoda
A Study of Maximum and Weighted Matchings in Non-Bipartite Graphs P.G.A.R.D. Jayasundara Dr. R. Sanjeewa
Gender based Effect on Academic Performance of G.C.E. Ordinary Level Examination and their Socio Economic Reasons W.A.K.U.P. Alwis Dr. R. Sanjeewa