Mathematics (MAT) General Degree

”Mathematics is the Queen of modern science and is an efficient source of useful concepts and tools that are used to understand reality”



Scientific and industrial progress in recent years has made Mathematics one of the most important subjects of our time. An undergraduate degree in Mathematics will open the way to a future filled with wide opportunities for jobs and professions. Furthermore, Mathematics alone will enable a person to make a positive contribution to the society. Mathematics is, in addition to being the language of science in its own right, a way of logical thinking rather than rules and regulations.  

Course structure

Mathematics offered as one of the three subjects for B.Sc. (General) degree in a permitted subject combination for physical science students. This contains compulsory and optional course units which are designed to provide required knowledge of main areas of Mathematics such as Algebra, Analysis, Calculus and so on. Further, due to the high demand for computational mathematics, the department has introduced a practical component to most of the Mathematics course units in the department with the students having access to a well-equipped computer laboratory. Also the department offers a basic mathematics course for the biological students. 

Career opportunities

Mathematics has now found an increasingly significant influence in many diverse fields, from management to medicine. Mathematics related professionals are in high demand worldwide in various capacities in academic institutes, research institutes and engineering and technical sectors.  

Course Unit Contents…