Applied Mathematics (AMT)


Applied Mathematics – B.Sc. (General) Degree

Duration : 3 Years

For whom?

Students from physical science stream who have a potential to deal with applications of mathematics with sharp logical and critical thinking and willing to undertake challenges.

Career opportunities

with the advancement of technology and development of various industries, a tendency to apply improved mathematical tools and techniques to gain significant has cropped up. Moreover, new application areas are being discovered day which require the subject oriented knowledge to handle the application procedures. Thus, at present professionals with applied mathematical background and skills are at a high demand worldwide, especially in the fields of engineering, technical and industrial sectors and also in research institutes.

Course overview

The Applied Mathematics course is a combination of mathematical science, applications and knowledge. An opportunity to study Applied Mathematics will develop a professional specialty in an undergraduate to work on real world problems by formulating and studying mathematical models. It will pave the path to develop a successful career, well-adapted to the present industrialized world and also will give an excellent opportunity for individuals to serve the society using their knowledge and skills. Mathematics improves a person’s logical thinking while skills in Applied Mathematics will enable him/her to face a practical situation successfully.

Course structure

Applied Mathematics is offered as one of the three subjects for B. Sc. (General) degree in a permitted subject combination for physical science students. It consists of compulsory and optional course units arranged to provide the required knowledge in main areas of Applied Mathematics such as Mechanics, Mathematical modeling, Dynamics, Numerical methods etc. The success of modern mathematical concepts techniques and software had given rise to the involvement of knowledge in computational mathematics in practical applications of mathematics. The department offers a practical component along with the Applied Mathematics courses together with an access to a well equipped computer laboratory.


Applied Mathematics – B.Sc. (Special) Degree

Duration: 4 years

For whom?

Focused on students who are willing to develop an expertise skill in handling Applied Mathematical knowledge to solve practical problems in real world Scenarios.

Career opportunities

A special degree in Mathematics enables graduates to find employment as professionals in any institutes, science and technological institutes, academic and research institutes, engineering field or any other field with requires the use of a practical application of mathematical techniques.

Course overview

The special degree is aimed at offering undergraduates with thorough theoretical and practical knowledge relevant to the subject. Students will not only learn but also feel mathematics through the exposure that they will receive in following a special degree. Special degree students are also provided with the benefit of experiencing practical sessions along with some course units in a well equipped computer laboratory. Furthermore, some course units are designed to improve the presentation skills of students which will be a valuable experience for a successful future career. The department also offers an industrial training for a fixed duration outside the academia enabling students to excel their ability with the learned skills. A final project also to be conducted under the supervision of the lecturers in the department.


Promising students are selected for the B. Sc (Special) Degree in Applied Mathematics at the end of the second year based on their performance in Applied Mathematics courses with an acceptable level of performance on the other two subjects.

Course Units 

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Dr. R. Sanjeewa
Head/ Department of Mathematics
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