Introduction and History : A Journey Through Time

Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura

The Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura was established almost fifty years ago and enjoys the distinction of being the second oldest Faculty of the University.

Even though it was first established as a Faculty of Science, it pursued a path somewhat unconventional to such a faculty implementing many new and revolutionary ideas.

Replacing traditional Applied Mathematics with Statistics, introducing courses covering applied aspects of Science such as Fisheries Biology, Forestry, Food Science, Polymer Science, Electronics and Geophysics into its curriculum and opening the gates of Physics and Mathematics Departments to Bioscience students were some of the innovations implemented during its formative stages.

Most of these innovations have now been emulated by many well established faculties of science of the country providing a living testimony to the prudence of the stand taken by us almost half a century ago. Our attempts to produce a Faculty of Science suitable to a developing country such as Sri Lanka received the official recognition when the Faculty of Science of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (then Vidyodaya Campus of the University of Sri Lanka) was converted to the first Faculty of Applied Sciences of the country in 1973 by the University of Ceylon Act No.1 of 1972.

Today almost after fifty years of its establishment the faculty has grown and blossomed into the flagship Faculty of Applied Sciences of our country with nine academic departments and a student population exceeding 1200. Further, it is blessed with a conglomeration of highly qualified academic staff comprising of nearly a hundred members, some of whom have won recognition as leading scientists in the country in their specialized areas and have received many accolades from the  state and other prestigious
scientific bodies.
Over  the  years  the  faculty  has  developed  a research intensive culture and a strong flair for postgraduate education.
At present the faculty conducts ten M.Sc. courses and several MPhil and PhD programmes in various specialized disciplines.All the postgraduate activities are administered by the newly established Faculty of Graduate Studies of the University.
In addition to the academic activities conducted within the university premises we provide an opportunity for students to expose themselves to the industrial and research environment of the country through industrial placements, work shadowing, field trips etc. This has paid good dividends in terms of students getting familiarized with the work culture, ethics and expectations and its vicissitudes .

The Faculty is proud that many of its past students are holding important positions in academia, government institutions and in the industry contributing immensely towards the development of the country. We are very much hopeful that the students who entered the Faculty of Applied Sciences this year too would excel in their academic and other pursuits and join the world of work as proud graduates of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.