Polymer Science and Technology (PST)

For whom?

Polymer science and technology is globally established with a wide scope in cost effective and energy saving benefits for the sustainability of the modern era. Students from physical and bio science streams who have an interest in the field of polymer science and technology are eligible. The current intake is limited to maximum of 60 students per academic year


Polymer industry has become a major contributor towards national economy since the early 1930’s.The function of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura in workforce development in the Polymer industry is quite dominant. With the winning combination of a strong foundation of theoretical knowledge gained through three years of course units and practical hands-on experience, students finds it easy to get established in the Sri Lankan polymer based industries as polymer chemists, technologists, technicians and management personnel.

Course overview

The Department of Chemistry, University of Sri Jayewardenepura has developed into an active center of providing well educated and responsible young scientists in the field of Polymer Science and technology. The subject is offered in such a way to provide mastery in scientific theory, technology, initiative, and creativity in the field of Polymer Science and Technology. We are constantly striving to improve our policies and develop our curriculum, in such a way to awaken creativity while nourishing their minds with knowledge.

Thus, many strategic activities such as frequent industrial seminars, industrial visits, curriculum developments, workshops, conferences and since of late, organizing an annual symposium are all part of the program.

Course structure

Chemistry, physics and, polymer science and technology (PST) are the three compulsory subjects for students who seek to join in the PST program. Course units in chemistry, physics and PST of the first two years are compulsory and cover the core area of the subjects. Students in the PST stream are eligible for special degree program in chemistry or physics if they can meet the criterion at the end of the second year. A range of optional course units are offered with industrial training in polymer based industry as a compulsory course unit for the students in the third year.