Post Graduate Diploma/Master of Science Degree in Computer Science


This program has been designed for those who are interested in pursuing higher studies in the field of Computer Science. The curriculum of this program is designed to provide students with a good grasp of core contents of Computer Science which any professional in the subject is expected to know, to foster logical and analytical thought, independent study, self-motivation and communication skills, to make aware of research results and latest trends in the key areas of the subject, to provide opportunities to gain practical experience of computing, using modern hardware and software, in order to provide motivation for and deeper understanding of material taught in formal lectures, to produce graduates with sound knowledge in both theory and practice in Computer Science, including current emerging technologies and experimental learning, to prepare students to contribute to the computing profession upon graduation and to provide the necessary background required to read for a Ph.D. in Computer Science.


  1. Bachelors degree from a recognized university or any other equivalent qualification in the field of Computer Science or ICT that would be acceptable to the Faculty of Applied Science and the senate of the university.
  2. All lectures, practical classes and examinations are conducted in Therefore, the candidates must be fluent in English.

Target group

  • Those who need academic qualifications in Computer Science.
  • Those who are planning to start a career or already employed in a computing environment.
  • Those who teach Computer Science or ICT in schools or universities or other educational institutes.

For more information contact:

Dr. T.G.I. Fernando
Coordinator- M.Sc. Programme in Computer Science
Phone: 0112758907
Email: gishantha(at)