The following new guidelines should be followed by the students of Faculty of Applied Sciences who are attending practical classes/examinations physically.

  1. According the advice of the COVID Committee representative to the FAS, Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) is not required even from those who were not vaccinated if they are not symptomatic.
  2. If a person is isolated by the advice of the health authority, RAT should be done after the isolation period before attending classes/examinations, only that isolated person still have the symptoms.
  3. High-risk contacts, if they are not fully vaccinated, should be isolated for 7 days (High risk category: contacted less than 1 m distance over 15 minutes without wearing masks).
  4. However, the following are not treated as high-risk category:
    1. Those who had three vaccines if they had the booster dose 14 days before.
    2. Those who had two vaccines only, if they had the 2nd dose, within the last three months.