M.Sc. Degree/Post Graduate Diploma in Industrial Mathematics


Being the first Faculty of Applied Sciences of the country and realizing the potential of graduates with a strong mathematical background, we launched the first Postgraduate Diploma/M. Sc. Program in Industrial Mathematics in Sri Lanka, in 1996. By this program it is hoped, to bring together the mathematically oriented personnel employed in various industries and the application orientated researchers within the university community, to provide means of further improving their effectiveness. It is a well­ accepted fact that science and technology play a vital role in the process of development. We will concentrate on utilization of the resources of this country for the benefit of its own people.

The Growing Importance of Industrial Mathematics

Success in industrial mathematics is based on applying existing tools and computational techniques in addition to discovering new tools and techniques. The mathematical scientist in industry must have a broad background to be able to recognize when the model or solution procedure has already been investigated. Skills in formulation, modeling and implementation are critical in industry. Teamwork, communication skills and breadth of knowledge are also valued in industry.

Course Description

Total number of contact hours (lectures and practicals) of the M.Sc. program exceeds 400 hours. Therefore, the M.Sc. program is categorized as a full time program. Naturally. Industrial Mathematics may borrow from a variety of mathematical disciplines, such as Numerical Analysis, Computational Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems. Control and Optimization theory. Probability and Statistics and Discrete Mathematics. The common feature running through this program is the goal of getting better understanding of industrial models and processes through mathematical ideas and computations.

Programme Eligibility

Candidates applying for the PG Diploma/ M.Sc. program in Industrial Mathematics should have a Bachelor’s Degree with Mathematics as a component preferably B. Sc. (Special) Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, B. Sc.(Physical Science) or B. Sc. (Engineering) graduates.

Dr. N.C. Ganegoda
Senior Lecturer, Coordinator – PG Diploma/M.Sc. in Industrial Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
University of Sri Jayewardenepura