Management Science (MAN)

Management Science – B.Sc General Degree Program

Duration : 3 Years

For whom?

Management science study stream can be selected by both physical science and bio-science stream students who are interested in enhance their capabilities in management and administration of business organizations.

Career opportunities

Individuals are taught how to work with a team in order to achieve some pre-defined goals and targets of the respective organization utilizing human resources, financial resources, natural resources and technological resources. Following the course will offer graduates excellent career opportunities in different fields of management including accounting. banking, finance, international business, human resources, marketing and sales.

Course overview

Management science course units offered in our faculty may provide an applied approach of understanding business and management and the context in which they operate. This programme further offers students a wide range of management stream subject areas whilst requiring them to carry-out researches relating to course areas to enhance their knowledge on business world. We believe that the flexibility and academic rigor of this degree will make it very attractive to students and employers which enable students to exploit most of their strengths and interests.

Course structure

The management science course units focus on the study of key disciplines, such as Management Processes, Economics, Statistics, Operations Research, Forecasting, and Organizational Behavior. Of this total of 31 credits, cumulative credit value of 27¬† are required to be completed at the end of 3 ‘ year. These include compulsory and optional course units.

Mode of instruction and assessment

The Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce render their expertise and support to conduct the lecture series. Management Science uses higher-order assessment activities which include interactive learning sessions, tutorials, end semester examinations and individual and group assignments to better reflect what undergraduate students can really do to demonstrate their learning growth. These assessments may test cognitive processing skills of students with regard to task-based problem­ solving and decision making skills.