Mathematics (MAT)


B.Sc (General) Degree with Mathematics
Course Code: (MAT)
Duration: Three Years

For Whom?
Students from Physical Science stream who are interested in science and technology-oriented careers with sharp logical skills in Mathematics.

Career Opportunities
Mathematics has now found an increasing significant influence in many diverse fields, from management to medicine. Mathematics related professionals are in high demand worldwide in various capacities in academic institutes, research institute and engineering and technical sectors.

Course Overview
Scientific and industrial progress in recent years has made Mathematics one of the most important subjects of our time. An undergraduate degree in Mathematics will open the way to a future filled with wide opportunities for jobs and professions. Furthermore, Mathematics alone will enable a person to make a positive contribution to the society. Mathematics is in addition to being the language of science in its own right, a way of logical thinking rather than rules and regulations.

Course Structure
Mathematics offered as one of the three subjects for B.Sc (General) degree in a permitted subject combination for physical science students. This contains compulsory and optional course unites which are designed to provide required knowledge of main areas of Mathematics such as Algebra, Analysis, and Calculus and so on. Further, due to the high demand for computational mathematics, the department has introduces a practical component to moist of the Mathematics course units in the department with the students having access to a well-equipped computer laboratory. Also the department offers a basic mathematics course for the biological students.

B.Sc. (Special) Degree in Mathematics
Duration: 4 Years

For Whom?
This degree is aimed at students who wish to grasp the key aspects of mathematics and who wish to study Mathematics in depth.

Career Opportunities
A special degree in Mathematics enables graduate to find employment as professionals in academic institutes, research personnel, and experts in engineering and technical sector, actuarial scientists and statisticians.

Course Overview
The special degree offers students a great opportunity to access the concepts of mathematics. The department has also introduced practical component to most of the Mathematics course units with the students having access to a well-equipped computer laboratory. The special degree offers an industrial training for a fixed duration which will give students an exposure to the world of Mathematics outside the academia and also offers an opportunity to study one of the areas in Mathematics intensively as the final project under the supervision of lectures in the department. Improvement of presentation skill of students is targeted through some of the courses.

Promising students are selected for the B.Sc. (Special) degree in Mathematics at the end of the second year, based on their performance in Mathematic courses, with an acceptable level of performance in other two subjects.

Department awards Dr. Srimathi Wewala Memorial Scholarship for obtaining highest performance (GPA) for Mathematics special degree at the end of the 3rd year and Dr. Srimathi Wewala Memorial gold medal for obtaining a first class with highest performances (GPS0 for a mathematics special degree at the end of the 4th year.

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