Following the success of Aurora 2K15, version 2.0 of the Aurora is here. In case you’re lost, Aurora is a Conference on Computer Science organized by the Computer Science students at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura. Aurora 2K15 was able to influence students to be out-of-the-box-thinkers. The event was a package of the conference and a competition for school students. The conference gave them an interactive session on various computer science topics and the competition had amplified the curiosity of computer science among the students. Seeing the success of Aurora 2K15, Aurora 2K16 will be happening on March 11th, 2016.

This year, Aurora is aimed at both school students and undergraduates to give them practical exposure to popular industrial technologies. The organizers believe that it’ll support the audience to get the right contact with the trending topics. According to the event agenda, the conference will be divided into two sections: a competition and the actual conference.

aurora img01

The competition is going to have three phases that will challenge the students to think out of the box and to use their knowledge in a short period of time. The qualifier round will be the first round to filter top 6 school teams based on their performance on an MCQ exam. The second round is a practical challenge that will present some practical tasks for the competitors to succeed. Two teams will be filtered from the Practical challenge team to compete in the final round. This final round is an on-stage quiz which will be judged by an experienced panel of judges.

The competition is open to all school students. However, only one team can participate from each school. The structure of each team must be as follows:

  • Only four members per team.
  • The team must be accompanied by an official representative of the school (e.g. teacher-in-charge or master-in-charge).
  • The members of the team are expected to have sufficient knowledge in computer science
  • Another six students can participate with the team, but would only be eligible to participate in the Conference

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Then there’s the conference itself. The conference will feature talks to encourage students and undergraduates to increase their potential in Out of the Box thinking. The organizers are planning to focus on having sessions based on latest technological concepts in Industrial field. These sessions will cover various topics from UI & UX engineering to 3D printing to Artificial Intelligence.

That’s what you can expect at Aurora 2K16. If you’re interested then you had best get registered now before they close. If you’re an undergraduate, you’ll have to fill out the form here. For the school students, there’s another registration form which is available here. If you don’t fall in either of the previously mentioned categories but wish to attend Aurora 2K16, you’ll have to fill out the registration form for the general public. Don’t worry if you can’t attend, as Digital Media Partners our ReadMe Live Team will be at Aurora 2K16, bringing you the latest updates as the conference unfolds.