In a resounding testament to excellence, the Department of Polymer Science proudly celebrates the exceptional achievements of its talented students. Their unwavering dedication and innovative ideas highlight the department’s commitment to fostering brilliance and innovation in the realm of polymer science. We proudly present the remarkable accomplishments of these outstanding individuals whose groundbreaking work continues to push the frontiers of scientific exploration.

Dilusha Jayanidu De Silva – Securing the 2nd Runner-Up position in the Inter-University Undergraduate Research Competition in Chemical Sciences 2023, organized by section E2 of the Sri Lankan Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS). Dinusha Jayanidu de Silva’s contributions showcased remarkable insights and innovation in the field.
Thisitha Saveen Jayaweera – Recognized with the esteemed “Best Presenter Award” in the Oral Presentation category at the prestigious International Conference on Applied and Pure Sciences 2023, organized by the Faculty of Science, University of Kelaniya. Thusitha Jayaweera’s presentation demonstrated exceptional excellence and impact within the scientific community.

These extraordinary achievements underscore not only the exceptional capabilities of these students but also the Department of Polymer Science’s unwavering dedication to nurturing and empowering future leaders in the field. As students continue to chart new territories and contribute significantly to scientific knowledge in polymer science, their remarkable accomplishments bring pride to the Department of Polymer Science and reinforce its commitment to advancing the boundaries of scientific understanding in this dynamic field.