1) Preparation for the examinations

Students should send the duly filled declaration form, his/ her portrait photo and a photo of the university identity card prior to each examination to the email address provided.

Students should make sure the availability of the following items before starting examinations.

  1. Adequate number of A4 sized photocopy/ruled papers.
  2. Black and/or blue colour pens.
  3. Time-Stamp app and Cam-Scanner app installed sufficiently charged mobile phone with a high-resolution camera.
  4. A sufficiently charged suitable device with ZOOM app.


2) Before starting the examination

  1. Students should logs into ZOOM and LMS at least 15 minutes before starting the examination.
  2. Students attendance shall take via ZOOM calling upon the name, candidate must show the university identity card to the camera and Screen-shot will be taken as the proof of the attendance[1].
  3. Students should download the question paper received via LMS/ email at least 10 minutes before starting the examination and  password to open the question paper will be send 5 minutes before starting the examination via LMS/ email.
  4. Student should contact supervisor/invigilators immediately if he/ she faces an issue (e.g., log into LMS, downloading and opening the question papers, uploading photos of the answer scripts etc.) via prior-informed mechanisms (e.g., dedicated telephone numbers, WhatsApp etc.).


3) During the examination

  1. Students should makes sure to:
    •  Hand-write answers in black and/or blue colour pens,
    •  Write the course code, course unit name,  date and time, number of pages  included and the full address of the place where he/she attended the examination in the first page,
    • Maintain 2.5 cm (1 inch) margins in answer sheets,
    • Students should mentioned Index number, page number and signature in each page,
    •  Write only in one side of each paper.
  2. Students should turn on the camera of the relevant device and keep the ZOOM connectivity open to be monitored throughout the examination[2].


4) Answer Scripts Submission

  1. Students should submit the answer script:
    • via a dedicated email address for each course unit,
    •  with the index number, course code, number of pages attached in the email subject line.
  2. Students take photos of the answer scripts with TimeStamp app under sufficient resolution. It is advised to convert the photos to a single PDF file by a CamScanner app. Supervisor/ invigilators shall acknowledge the receipt and confirm the number of pages of attached file to the candidate. If the scripts are not legible, candidate will ask to make a resubmission. Till then the candidate should stay online.
  3.   Studnets should submits the original written work to the administration and should maintain the confidentiality of the documents till the end of the process.


5) Additional notes for Candidate

Once the remaining time is 5-10 minutes to complete answering, it would be notified to the candidate verbally and via Zoom chat and candidate should start the answer script submission procedure.


Faculty of Applied Science


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