The Faculty of Applied Sciences decided to reschedule its academic calendar and the first semester examinations due to the pandemic situation prevailing in the country. Accordingly, the faculty decided to extend the first semester up to 29/09/2021 to cover up the missed lectures due to various reasons (where applicable). The second semester online teaching will be started on 13/10/2021. (Please refer the Table below)

First semester examinations will be conducted, during the second semester, when the situation of the country is improved.  Second semester teaching will be paused, students will be given 04 weeks of notice that includes two weeks of study leave and the 1st semester examination will be commenced. In an extreme case where the situation in the country shall not allow to have the first semester examination within the 15 weeks of second semester, the 1st semester examination will be held at the end of the academic year while providing sufficient gap between 1st and 2nd semester examinations.

Start and End of 1st semester 14/06/2021- 29/09/2021

(16 weeks)

Vacation 30/09/2021- 12/10/2021

(02 weeks)

Start and End of 2nd semester 13/10/2021-26/01/2022

(15 weeks)


L.Karunanayake, PhD
Senior Professor
Dean, Faculty of Applied Sciences