This is to inform you about an initiative being undertaken by the statistical consulting service, Department of Statistics, FAS. We have designed a comprehensive seminar and workshop series to enhance the statistical knowledge and skills of our scholars, with a particular focus on statistics, statistical inference, R programming, and data science. The primary objective of this workshop series is to provide our scholars with the necessary tools and basic understanding to effectively utilize statistics and data science in their research and academic pursuits. The target audience for the workshop is academics, undergraduate and graduate research students, and researchers who are new to the subject of statistics and data science or who want to brush up on their knowledge. This is a beginner-intermediate-friendly seminar and workshop series. The plan for the seminar and workshop is as follows:

Seminar series 1:

Title: Uses and Misuses of Statistics

Speaker: Mr. P Dias, Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Date, time and mode of delivery: June 8, 2023, From 12.05pm to 1.00pm via Zoom

Title: Statistical Inference: What, Why, and How

Speaker: Professor BMSG Banneheka, Professor in Statistics,  Department of Statistics, Faculty of Applied Sciences

Date, time and mode of delivery: June 9, 2023, From 12.05pm to 1.00pm via Zoom

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Title: Workshop on Introduction to Data Analysis with R 

Team: Statistical Consulting Service Team

Type: Onsite at the Department of Statistics, FAS

Date: yet to be confirmed

Seminar series 2:

Tentative Title: Statistics vs Data Science

Speaker: Dr Chitraka Wickramarachchi, Senior Lecturer, Department of Statistics, 

Type: Online

Date: yet to be confirmed

Dates and times for the workshop and seminar series 2 will be announced in due course. We believe that this workshop series will greatly benefit our scholars by equipping them with the necessary skills to leverage statistical methods and data science techniques in their research.