Workshop on Municipal Solid Waste Management (17)

The Center for Sustainability of the Department of Forestry & Environmental Sciences organized a four day certificate workshop on municipal solid waste management. It was held from the 2nd to 5thSeptember at the department premises.

A considerable number of topics such as,

  • Cleaner production technologies,
  • Municipal solid waste scenario in Sri Lanka,
  • Integrated solid waste management,
  • Waste reduction,
  • Waste recycling,
  • Overview of engineered landfills for municipal solid waste,
  • Design and construction of landfills for municipal solid waste,
  • Sri Lanka experience of landfills,
  • Conversion of open dumps to controlled landfills,
  • Waste to energy,
  • Technologies in bio gas generation,
  • Composting of municipal solid waste
  • Legal aspects of solid waste management in Sri Lanka

were discussed at the workshop. Two field visits were also done to enhance the program.