Museum visit, Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo

Students and staff members of grade 13 (A/L) Biology stream of Ananda Balika Vidyalaya, Colombo visited the museum of the department of Zoology on 27th February, 2018. Interactive session and discussion with students and teachers were conducted by the museum curator Mr. R. Petiyagoda.

The Museum is open to University students, Schools and general public. Anyone can make a reservation by contacting the head of the department ( or Mr. Ravindra Pethiyagoda, Museum Curator (071 443 9367).

An Integrative Taxonomic Review of the South Asian Microhylid Genus Uperodon

Authors: Sonali Garg, Gayani Senevirathne, Nayana Wijayathilaka, Samadhan Phuge, Kaushik Deuti, Kelum Manamendra-Arachchi, Madhava Meegaskumbura, SD Biju

Journal: Zootaxa

Based on a recent molecular phylogenetic study, the South Asian microhylid genus Uperodon (subfamily Microhylinae) currently comprises of 12 valid species that are largely restricted to India and Sri Lanka. Considering the revised generic-level status of its various members, here we review the taxonomy of all known species in this genus and clarify their nomenclatural status and geographical distribution, by integrating evidence from genetics, adult and tadpole morphology, breeding ecology, and bioacoustics. Our molecular analyses of a mitochondrial 16S rRNA gene fragment combined with external and internal morphological studies also revealed a distinct new species in the genus. This species, formally described as Uperodon rohani sp. nov., is endemic to Sri Lanka and widely distributed at lower elevations in the island. For nomenclatural stability of various previously known members, the following actions are also undertaken: (1) redescription of the poorly-defined species Ramanella anamalaiensis Rao (= Uperodon anamalaiensis) and Hylaedactylus montanus Jerdon (= Uperodon montanus); (2) neotype designation for Ramanella anamalaiensis Rao (= Uperodon anamalaiensis), Ramanella minor Rao, Ramanella mormorata Rao (= Uperodon mormorata), and Ramanella triangularis rufeventrisRao; (3) lectotype designation for Callula variegata Stoliczka (= Uperodon variegatus); and (4) synonymization of Ramanella minor Rao with Uperodon anamalaiensis.



Composition and abundance of marine debris stranded on the beaches of Sri Lanka: Results from the first island-wide survey

Authors: Yong Chang Jang, R.R.M.K.P. Ranatunga, Jin Yong Mok, Kyung Shin Kim, Su Yeon Hong, Young Rae Choi, A.J.M. Gunasekara

Journal: Marine Pollution Bulletin

This study provides the first assessment of marine debris washed ashore on 22 beaches along the coast of Sri Lanka. There was an average of 4.1 large (>25 mm) and 158 small (5–25 mm) pieces of debris per square meter of beach. Classified by use, packaging material (55%) dominated the debris, followed by consumer products (25%) and fishing gear (20%). In terms of materials, plastic was the greatest contributor (93%) to marine debris. Beaches near a river mouth or city and those with a barrier had greater debris accumulations. The east coast had significantly greater small debris density, possibly due to strong northeastern monsoon currents. Large spatial heterogeneity was observed in the amount of debris. Long-term monitoring is imperative to better understand the temporal changes in, and the pathways and possible management of, marine debris.

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