Evolution of nuchal glands, unusual defensive organs of Asian natricine snakes (Serpentes: Colubridae), inferred from a molecular phylogeny

Author (SJP): Prof. Dharshani Mahaulpatha
Journal: Ecology and Evolution

A large body of evidence indicates that evolutionary innovations of novel organs have facilitated the subsequent diversification of species. Investigation of the evolutionary history of such organs should provide important clues for understanding the basis for species diversification.



Tissa central college visit the Zoology museum

Students and staff members of science union, 2019 batch of Tissa central college, Kaluthara visited the museum of the department of Zoology on 5th July, 2018. Interactive session and discussion with students and teachers were conducted by the curator Mr. R. Petiyagoda.

The Museum is open to University students, Schools and general public. Anyone can make a reservation by contacting the head of the department (pathmalal@sjp.ac.lk) or Mr. Ravindra Pethiyagoda, Museum Curator (071 443 9367).