Prof. Dinithi Receives Cash Price for Best Paper by The Journal Gender and the Genome

The Journal Gender and the Genome has offered a $2,500 prize for the best paper on male infertility published by Prof. Dinithi Peiris, Professor in Zoology, Department of ZoologyFaculty of Applied Sciences in the year 2019.
The title of the paper is Male Infertility Problem: A contemporary Review on Present Status and Future Perspective published on 12th August 2019.
Publication Details: Dissanayake D.M.I.H.,  Keerthirathna W.L.R., Peiris L.D.C. (2019). Male infertility problem: A contemporary review on present status and future perspective. Gender and the Genome. 3: 1-7. DOI: 10.1177/2470289719868240.