Collaborative research project with Korea Maritime Institute and MATEC on Marine debris

As a part of the collaborative research projects and technology transfer, a project was lounged under the theme of “Building Capacity to Manage Marine Debris in Sri Lanka”.  The program was conducted between 20th-26th June 2016 in Negombo lagoon and Fishery Harbour. The purpose of the research project was to assess the types and amount of marine debris within fishery harbour, lagoon and beaches. Underwater surveys were conducted using side scan sonar visual surveys were conducted in Beaches. Researchers from Korea Maritime Institute, MATEC, Ocean Research Institute, Researchers from the Marine and Coastal Ecology Laboratory of Department of Zoology, USJ headed by Dr Kamal Ranatunga and Research Officers from Marine Protection Authority were participated in the program.

Department of Zoology received equipment from Korea Maritime Institute (KMI), Ocean Research Institute (ORI) and MATEC to conduct Marine debris survey