Marine debris survey using citizen science approach

know that when we protect our oceans we are protecting our future” ~ President Bill Cinton ~*
As the Aquatic Students’ Association of University of Sri Jayewardenepura we are ready to celebrate the World Oceans Day this year with a marine debris survey using citizen science approach. Our aim is to provide a better knowledge to the public about critical facts with regard to ocean pollution while educating them about sustainable utilization of marine resources with minimum impacts on the environment.
The program will consist of a beach cleanup, marine debris survey, “Viridu” session and a street drama to creatively convey a bigger message to the public.
Registration form:
🗓️– 8th of June 2023
🕗– 8.00 am onwards
📍– Wellawatte beach ( near railway station)
Join us to make a difference!

Workshop for AL students

We recently organized a one-day workshop for a group of Advanced Level Biology students from Polonnaruwa. The workshop was coordinated and conducted by Mr. Ravindra Pethiyagoda, with the assistance of graduate teaching staff. As part of the workshop, the students had the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum at the Department and engage in several practical modules focused on Animal Diversity, Anatomy, Histology and Molecular biology. It was an enriching experience for the students as they delved into these fascinating subjects.

Department Orientation Programme for the new batch of 2023

The Department Orientation Programme for the new batch of 2023 was held at the Zoology Auditorium starting from 8 am on 26th May. The event was attended by all staff members and zoology students, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for the occasion. Overall, the Department Orientation Programme served as a comprehensive platform to welcome and orient the new batch of 2023. It aimed to provide them with a holistic understanding of the Department’s resources, study programmes, career opportunities, and student activities, setting a strong foundation for their academic and personal growth within the field of Zoology, Aquatic Resources Management and Biology.

Zooර්ය මංගල්‍යය, an annual event organized by the Zoologists’ Association

The Zooර්ය මංගල්‍යය, an annual event organized by the Zoologists’ Association of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, took place on April 30th at the university premises. The event provided a unique platform for students, staff, and their family members to come together and celebrate the Sinhala-Hindu New Year. It was a fun-filled event with many traditional games.